20 Arrondissements of Paris

Divided into 20 distinct arrondissements, Paris offers a variety of points of interest in every area catering to a diversity of lifestyles defining the way you want to live.  

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1 Housing pivotal landmarks such as Palais Royal, Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens, the 1st arrondissement is rich in Parisian grandiosity. Accordingly, the strong historical presence of the area fuels tremendous demand, notable for both locals and visitors. Originally built in 1628 by Cardinal Richelieu, Palais Royal combines regal architecture with striking gardens, offering peaceful contrast to the bustling city centre. With over 70,000 pieces on display, Louvre is ideal for cultural escapism, from Mesopotamian antiquities to the Mona Lisa. 

"Being in the very centre of Paris, 1st offers easy access to the rest of Paris, regal gardens of Palais Royal and Tuileries, a variety of international cuisines and shopping and chic period architecture."
Bar Hemingway
15 Place Vendôme 75001

47 Rue de Richelieu 75001

Musée des Arts Décoratifs
107 Rue de Rivoli 75001

2 Although being the smallest arrondissement, the 2nd takes a deep plunge into Parisian zeitgeist culture through numerous historical hallmarks. Covering both Sentier and Bourse, the latter coined after housing the stock exchange, this district is characterised by its vibrant character. Rue Montorgueil spearheads, a permanent street market stretching over five blocks, providing all cuisines imaginable. Stroll through one of the coveted passages couverts, merging vintage shops, galleries, and locally endorsed brasseries all under one roof.

"Gradually transforming from a garment district, the 2nd is defined by smaller historic buildings or converted ex-industrial spaces, all in close proximity to rue Montorgueil market street."
Harry's New York Bar
5 Rue Daunou 75002

39 Rue des Jeuneurs 75002

Galerie Vivienne
4 Rue des Petits Champs 75002

3 The famed 3rd arrondissement, bathing in contemporary history, is also one of the oldest. Narrow cobblestoned alleyways lead to esteemed cultural sites like Picasso Museum and Galerie Perrotin. Thanks to its convenient layout, the district appeals to all. Discover Les Enfants Rouge at Haut Marais, the oldest Parisian food market of its kind, offering artisanal treats from all over the world. For a continued outing, proceed to Square du Temple, a blossoming square right by République. Indulge in natural dreamscape without sacrificing the central location.

"Filled with designer boutiques, galleries and small restaurants, the narrow streets of the 3rd  caters to a busy lifestyle in a charming historic setting with many buildings dating back to 17th and 18th centuries."
Le Mary Celeste
1 Rue Commines 75003

Les Enfants du Marché
39 Rue de Bretagne 75003

Musée Carnavalet
23 Rue de Sévigné 75003

4 With Le Marais as its inevitable epicentre, the bustling 4th revels in nostalgia. Soaked in historical sites, this district provides medieval narrative through a contemporary eye. Place Des Vosges highlights, flourishing square situation between the 3rd and 4th, surrounded by shops and social outlets. The islands of Cité and Saint-Louis invites to picturesque discovery right in the bustling core of Paris. A driving force of inclusivity, the area houses both the Jewish Quarter and LGBTQ spots, being the buzzy core of Gay Pride each June.

"Stretching from Ile Saint-Louis to Place des Vosges, 4th is an area offering historic architecture in the very centre of Paris with best Seine views to historic mansions in the northern part."
Sherry Butt
20 Rue Beautreillis 75004

22 Rue des Ecouffes 75004

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou 75004

5 Rich in cultural heritage, the 5th arrondissement makes one of the oldest districts. Embark on a tour through Roman Paris, with historical ruins of amphitheatres and thermal baths. Stroll along Rue Mouffetard, busy landmark street converted into animated street market. For a district drenched in history, the Latin Quarter adds medieval flare, tracing back to the 13th century. Finish up with natural recharge at Jardin des Plantes, idyllic botanical garden established over 400 years back .

"Starting from the lively historic Latin Quarter dominated by the Sorbonne, the market street of rue Mouffetard, the 5th continues to more peaceful and residential areas in the southern parts of the arrondissement."
283 Rue Saint-Jacques 75005

Bonvivant Pizza
4 Rue des Écoles 75005

Musée de Cluny
28 Rue du Sommerard 75005

6 6th arrondissement embodies the zeitgeist atmosphere of the city, given the grandiose Jardin du Luxembourg. Designed in 1612, the baroque-infused garden remains frequently visited up to this date. Saint-Germain-des-Prés catches the eye, housing an array of creatives in the 20th century, shaping the modern-day cultural character of Paris. Opt for a break at Les Deux Magots or Brasserie Lipp, both popular among celebrated artists and thinkers.

"Defined by the busy Saint-Germain-des-Près in the north and a more residential part in the south bordering the Luxembourg Gardens, the 6th is varied in its architecture and lifestyle, but always chic."
Bar Des Prés
25 Rue du Dragon 75006

L'Avant Comptoir de la Mer
3 Carrefour de l'Odéon 75006

Galerie Kreo
31 Rue Dauphine 75006

7 Given its inevitable position as Tour Eiffel residency, the sophisticated 7th presents an assembly of famous landmarks. Just a stone’s throw away, Musée Rodin invites to remarkable dreamscape. Dedicated to sculptor Auguste Rodin, this buzzy museum attracts 700,000 annual guests. Cure all culinary desires at Rue Cler, dynamic market street with a wide selection. Wander among one-of-a-kind spots in a fully pedestrianised setting.

"Offering the most prime addresses in Paris real estate East of Invalides, 7th has also more a residential setting in Breteuil or Gros Caillou bordered by large green spaces."
54 Bvd Tour-Maubourg 75007

84 Rue de Varenne 75007

Musée Maillol
59 Rue de Grenelle 75007

8 Merging prestigious commerce with archetypal boulevards, the 8th district bustles in elegance. Arguably, Champs-Élysées pave the way, encouraging a scenic stroll from Place de la Concorde to Arc de Triomphe. Stretching across two kilometers, prepare to walk among luxury boutiques, buzzy nightclubs and cultural must-sees. Stop by Grand Palais, recognisable landmark known for its spheric, glass covered dome. Considered historical monument since 2000, this museum also hosts equestrianism and contemporary events.

"Although lacking in a neighbourhood atmosphere compared to other parts of Paris, the 8th makes up for it with grand elegant architecture, busy areas for luxury shopping and the beautiful Parc Monceau."
La Réserve
42 Avenue Gabriel 75008

Le Clarence
31 Ave Franklin Roosevelt 75008

Jeu de Paume
1 Place de la Concorde 75008

9 Distinguished by its contrasts, 9th arrondissement spreads from grandiose Palais Garnier to picturesque Montmartre, combining culinary hotspots with progressive art venues. Explore the neoclassical district of Nouvelle Athènes, birthplace of Parisian Romanticism covered in unique Italo-Greek styled buildings. Right on the cusp of 9th and 18th, Rue des Martyrs strengthens the old-fashioned charm, merging boutiques with traditional spots across the kilometer long street.

"The 9th, strongly dominated by the famous market street of rue des Martyrs, offers a mix of classic Haussmannian architecture and more elaborate 19th century buildings with rich history with a lively atmosphere."
Sister Midnight
4 Rue Viollet-le-Duc 75009

50 Rue Condorcet 75009

Musée de la Vie Romantique
16 Rue Chaptal 75009

10 While lacking historical monuments, the under-the-radar 10th district is best known for Canal Saint-Martin. Stretching over four kilometers, the canal accentuates liveliness without sacrificing authenticity. Boosting water supplies in early 19th century, it now serves picnic spot favourite and contender to Seine. Get a peek into Parisian culture through inventive cuisine, combining emerging restaurants with easy to miss-hotspots. Keep an eye out for book shops and curated vintage stores.

"Culturally and ethnically diverse, the 10th is busy throughout, with the Canal Saint-Martin in the daytime and it's many bars and restaurants in the night."
39 Rue des Petites Écuries 75010

Early June
19 Rue Jean Poulmarch 75010

La Caserne
12 Rue Philippe de Girard 75010

11 With increased buzz each year, 11th houses the historical squares of Bastille, Nation, and République. Marché Bastille runs on Boulevard Richard Lenoir each Thursday and Sunday. This locally endorsed market allows a deep dive into fresh ingredients, unique garments, and standout objects. With a constant flow of new, culinary destinations, some are more difficult to discover. Across République and Voltaire, a generous selection of street food bites are found all across the district.

"Defined by it's charming streets with independent retailers and many renowned restaurants, the 11th is known for its green passages filled with unique converted ex-industrial spaces and a more relaxed atmosphere."
5 Rue Sedaine 75011

80 Rue de Charonne 75011

Galerie Patrick Seguin
5 Rue des Taillandiers 75011

12     Although best characterised by its crafts tradition, 12th frequently encourages ones explorative side. Besides the classic Bois de Vincennes park, locals regularly opt for Coulée Verte René-Dumont. Admire hallmark spots of Paris across a generous four kilometer route, all pedestrians only. Consider a visit to Marché Aligre, 6-day a week covered and uncovered market. Grandiose buildings invites to a culinary stroll, with la Boucherie Végétarienne for vegetarian goods, while the uncovered section bathes in antiques and home décor as well.

"Bordering Bastille with the famous Aligre market with many restaurants and cafes, the 12th stretches all the way till Bois de Vincennes in the East, turning more residential, more peaceful and more green."
Le Calbar
82 Rue de Charenton 75012

29 Rue de Cotte 75012

Galerie Prisme
14 Rue de Cotte 75012

13 Balancing between contemporary and traditional, the 13th paves way for cosmopolitan influences. For ones enthused by modern architecture, sleek buildings line up beside village-like cottages. Find the very heart of the district at Butte aux Cailles, a hilltop neighbourhood thriving in cobblestone, greenery, and rare silence. Proceed to Gobelins for a cultural stop. Tracing back to 1663, the tapestry factory remains active to this day, housing more than 200,000 pieces of unique furniture and tapestry.

"Offering more contemporary architecture than any other district of Paris, the 13th can offer all the perks of a Parisian in a lot more modern urban setting close to the Seine, but also a village-like pocket in Butte aux Cailles."
Hôtel Rosalie
8bis Av de la Soeur Rosalie 75013

15 Rue de la Santé 75013

Manufacture des Gobelins
42 Avenue des Gobelins 75013

14 The 14th, to many known as Observatoire, intertwines peaceful greenscape with infusions of the countryside. Parc Montsouris best highlights nature, making up one of the largest areas of greenery in Paris, ideal for a calming break. With Cité Universitaire in its proximity, a vibrant atmosphere is guaranteed. Housing well-preserved catacombs and an active performing art scene, Montparnasse stands out. Famously artist-endorsed in the early 20th century, the likes of Pablo Picasso and Kiki de Montparnasse both settled down in the bustling area, fuelling a creative movement.

"Defined by a varied architecture, going from Haussmanian to early 20th century artists workshops, the 14th is the more residential face of Rive Gauche with the market street of rue Daguerre and the green Parc Montsouris."
11 Rue Delambre 75014

Fulgurances - l’Entrepôt
7 Rue Francis de Pressensé 75014

Fondation Cartier
261 Boulevard Raspail 75014

15 Situated in Rive Gauche, 15th is the most populous district. Overlooked by visitors, this area targets family residencies and office spaces, elevated through a number of must- sees. Near Tour Montparnasse, sculptor Antoine Bourdelle has his namesake museum. Take an intimate peek into Bourdelle’s previous atelier and home, with an overarching sense of art déco. Running along Rue de la Convention, Marché Convention offers a wide selection of groceries and retail. Only open on Sundays, schedule a visit upon opening.

"Perfect to distance yourself from sometimes overwhelming crowds, the 15th offers an atmosphere of a more residential Paris life with great Sunday markets and an array of small local retailers."
Vertical Bar
102 Rue du Théâtre 75015

8 Rue Nicolas Charlet 75015

Musée Bourdelle
18 Rue Antoine Bourdelle 75015

16 16th targets Parisian heritage through world-leading museums. Opened in 1977, fashion establishment Palais Galliera exhibits over 200,000 pieces, from unique garments to original illustrations. Palais de Tokyo covers contemporary art, while Musée d’Art Moderne provides a wide, illustrious selection. On Wednesday and Saturdays, Avenue President Wilson transforms into a blossoming food market, right across the Seine. Follow up with a stroll to Bois de Boulogne, having amassed 850 hectares of nature embellished in playgrounds, picnic spots, and restaurants.

"Defined by elegant and grand architecture from the turn of the century, the 16th offers peace and safety of a large beau quartier and large noble apartments with rich history."
17 Rue Jean de la Fontaine 75016

4 Rue Auguste Vacquerie 75116

Musée Yves Saint Laurent
5 Avenue Marceau 75116

17 Defined by its homely character, the 17th arrondissement has earned its reputation as a local attraction. Batignolles particularly spearheads, delicately merging peaceful with socially vibrant. Bistros and cafés all line up, further elevated through street art and courtyards. Right at the very cusp between 17th and 8th, Parc Monceau targets garden-like escapism. Established in 1778, the park invites to scenic wandering among historical statues and animal life.

"Whether you prefer the classic Haussmannian architecture in the Western part, village-like atmosphere with small boutiques and cafés in Batignolles or newly constructed contemporary Paris in the North, the 17th can offer all."
4 Rue Bridaine 75017

11 Rue Brochant 75017

Musée Jean-Jacques Henner
43 Avenue de Villiers 75017

18 Known for its bustling energy, 18th embodies vibrant ambience. Frequently artist-endorsed in the 19th century, contemporary art has remained essential to the district ever since. Villa des Arts makes one such example, art centre residing fifty studios of coveted artists of the past, with Nicolas Schöffer and Paul Cézanne among those. Proceed to Sacré-Cœur, spreading on the hilltop of Montmartre, serving a picturesque view of Paris. Previously a leading producer of wine, pay a visit to the delicate vineyards once covering the entirety of Montmartre hill.

"There is nothing similar in Paris, when it comes to living on the hill of Montmartre in the 18th, where panoramic views of Paris are combined with village-like streets and houses with unique architecture."
Le Très Particulier
23 Avenue Junot 75018

Le Maquis
53 Rue des Cloys 75018

Espace Dalí
11 Rue Poulbot 75018

19 For exploration beyond the regular regime, the 19th attracts a vibrant, art-fuelled crowd, eager to indulge in contemporary arts. Rigorously merging musical performance and live events with soothing nature, the area is quite the undiscovered gem. Start at Parc des Buttes Chaumont, a steeply constructed park with changing levels providing a remarkable view of the city. Continue discovering at Belleville, buzzy neighbourhood merging unprestigious, affordable, and vibrant culture all at one place.

"Defined by great cultural diversity, the 19th includes very sought-after 'pockets' around the Buttes Chaumont, small private houses in Mouzaïa and also high-rises along the canal."
63 Rue de Belleville 75019

32 Rue de la Villette 75019

Le Centquatre
104 Rue d'Aubervilliers 75019

20 Historically consisting of many small villages, 20th offers a perspective-altering take of Paris. Biodiversity is key, showcased through innovative urban permaculture gardens and agro-ecological farms open to the public. Village de Charonne adds countryside charm, defined by its narrow streets and uncommon low houses. Complement with a visit to Cimetière du Père Lachaise, renowned cemetery extending over forty hectares, resting place of creative greats such as Honoré de Balzac, Edith Piaf, and Jim Morrison.

42 Rue de Ménilmontant 75020

1 Rue d'Eupatoria 75020

Galerie Eko Sato
57 Rue des Cascades 75020